Friday, February 8, 2013

lost girl

The next day we got a late start since it looked kind of cloudy (yes, ski snobs).  We managed a decent parking place in the second row but the place filled up, getting very crowded very quickly.  As the skies cleared, we headed over to Supreme to escape the hordes skiing the Sugarloaf chair, enjoying lots of runs in Catherine's Area.  There hadn't been any snow but under the bluebird skies, away from all the people, it didn't matter much.

View of Devil's Castle and the Apron

Since we'd gotten a late start we ate lunch late too, thus managing to score a table once the lodge thinned out.  Actually, after lunch the whole dang place thinned out, with people presumably heading out to their Superbowl parties.  That was great: by 2:30 p.m. we were skiing right onto the lift, no waiting.

Blue skies in Catherine's

Our plan after lunch was to take the Sugarloaf chair up, ski through Devil's Elbow back to Supreme, then take a run down Rock N'Roll to get into the trees beneath East Castle and the Apron.  That had been the plan.  In actuality, I lost H.  His new skis are so fast that he gets out of sight if I'm trying to concentrate on my own skiing, which is what happened on the last pitch down from Cecret Lake to the run-out to Supreme chair.  When I got to the chair, he was nowhere to be seen.  I couldn't fathom that I was ahead of him, so I hopped on the lift.  At the top, he wasn't there waiting for me - so then I knew I was ahead of him - so I waited and waited and waited.  No H.  I decided to do some laps on Supreme, figuring he'd find me because he always finds me.  After two runs, he hadn't found me.  I tried to leave a message for him at the message board but the marker was dry, so I just headed over to Sugarloaf, thinking he might be over there.  And yes, halfway up the lift I spotted him, skiing slowly under the lift, looking closely at all the chairs - which is tough to do, skiing without looking where you're going.  He waited for me there; I skied straight down to him, lost no longer.  Moral of the story:  wait at the bottom of the lift and you won't get lost.

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