Sunday, February 14, 2016


After last weekend's success, we thought we'd kicked the midwinter sickfest that had been plaguing us but, just as the inversion settled into the Salt Lake Valley, the head cold reasserted itself.  I had an alternately stuffy and runny nose, while H coughed until his head ached.  When the long weekend rolled around, with a beautiful sunny day at Alta on Saturday and a lightly snowing day on Sunday, we just didn't have the gumption to strap on the boards.

This time the downtime included sulking in front of the television, homemade Italian beefs and chocolate chip cookies and dealing with laundry (as always).  I did manage to get a run in on Sunday - gasping and spitting my way around my usual 5k loop - while the Wasatch mountains were shrouded in cloud cover; I got hit with a variety of precipitation (graupel, large wet snowflakes and misty rain) so that seemed encouraging that it was probably snowing up at the ski areas.  We're getting pretty tired of feeling under the weather (especially since we feel icky enough to miss out on skiing but aren't sick enough to miss work) so hopefully this soon will pass.

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