Friday, February 19, 2016


When you don't go skiing, there's a lot more available time to poke around online.  Sometimes you just disappear down the rabbit hole but sometimes you discover something worthwhile.  I discovered something worthwhile, the blog Summit Brew, and now I have a new goal for the non-skiing season.

Summit Brew espouses a clear and simple mission statement:  bag a peak and drink a beer up there.  H and I love to hike and we love to drink beer, so I see no reason why we can't adopt this thinking once the lifts stop turning.  Reading through the SB blog, you can sort by beer or sort by summit.  While we've already climbed a fair number of the Utah summits they have (Big Mountain, Gobblers, Grandeur, Mount Aire, Mount Olympus, Reynolds, Sugarloaf, Storm Mountain and Twin Lakes Pass, as well as the Thunder Mountain trail in Red Canyon), I've still found a bunch that we have yet to do, like Mount Superior, Temptation Ridge, Uinta Lake and the stuff in the La Sals.

The SB rule is good micros only - no PBRs allowed - so we'll get to do some exploring in the suds as well as in the mountains.  Luckily, Utah has a whole bunch of microbreweries, so there should be no problem finding new cans of beer to tote up to the top.  Since I had some time on my hands last weekend, I compiled an incomplete list of the possibilities below.  I am in no hurry to stop skiing but it's been kind of fun thinking about what's to come.

2Row Brewing
24K Golden Ale
Dangereux American Farmhouse Ale
Accelerator IPA
Random Double IPA
Bottles for purchase at 6856 South 300 West, Midvale, and can be found to drink at these establishments.

Epic Brewing
Escape to Colorado IPA
Hop Syndrome Pils Lager
Brainless Raspberries
The Gourdian Pumpkin Ale
Cans (listed above) and many more bottled varieties for purchase at the brewery cold case at 825 S. State Street, SLC.

Moab Brewery
Rocket Bike American Lager
Johnny's American IPA
Dead Horse Amber Ale
Squeaky Bike Nut Brown Ale
Red Rye IPA
Session and full-strength cans (listed above) and bottles for purchase at the brewery at 686 S. Main Street, Moab, and session beers available in grocery stores around Utah.

Mountainwest Hard Cider
Ruby Hard Cider
For now, available for tasting and purchase only at the cidery at 425 North 400 West, SLC.

Park City Brewery
Breaking Trail Pale Ale
Last Pitch IPA
Hooker Blonde Ale
Boogie Water Brown Ale
Cans available all over Salt Lake County and Summit County, including at grocery stores.

Red Rock Brewery
Golden Halo Blonde Ale
Le Quatre Saison French Belgian Style Ale
Bobcat Nut Brown Ale
Elephino Double IPA
Anniversary Imperial Red Ale
Drioma Imperial Stout
Frohlich Pils
Reve Belgian Tripple
Paardebloem Belgian Ale
Bottles available at the beer store at 443 North 400 West in SLC; bottles and draft available at the brewpubs.

Shades of Pale Brewery
Jack Wagon Wheat
4-Play Porter
Publican Pale Ale
Ready to Fly Amber
Can be found all along the Wasatch Front and Back, including at the brewery and at grocery stores.

Hop Rising Double IPA
Off Duty IPA
Bumper Crop Honey Ale
Full Suspension Pale Ale
Respect Your Mother Organic Amber
Chasing Tail Golden Ale
American Wheat Hefeweizen
Vienna Marzen
Take Out Rye IPA
Outer Darkness Russian Imperial Stout
Bottles (session and full-strength) and cans (session only) can be found all over, including at the brewpubs and in grocery stores (session beers only).

Uinta Brewing
Bristlecone Brown Ale
Cutthroat Pale Ale
Detour Double IPA
Dubhe Imperial Black IPA
Golden Spike Hefeweizen
Hoodoo Kolsch
Hop Nosh IPA
King's Peak Porter
Trader Session IPA
Yard Sale Winter Lager
801 Pilsner
Baba Black Lager
Hazel Amber Wheat
Monkshine Belgian Style Blonde
Wyld Extra Pale Ale
Labyrink Black Ale
Available all over the place, including grocery stores and convenience stores.

Wasatch Brewery
Polygamy Porter
Ghostrider White IPA
First One Down Winter Warmer Ale
Bobsled Nutbrown
Apricot Hefeweizen
Evolution Amber
Provo Girl Pilsner
Last One In Lager
Raspberry Wheat
Available all over, including at the brewpubs and in grocery and convenience stores.

PS - And please see the exhaustive, information-packed Utah Beer Blog for listings and links of all the Utah microbreweries, both existing and in-progress.

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