Monday, February 1, 2016


Northern Utah got a nice storm from Friday afternoon through Saturday evening, with Alta picking up 15", bringing them up to a mid-mountain base of 90" and a to-date season total of 265".  This storm didn't turn out to be as massive as the forecasters once thought it would be - and southern Utah looks to be getting some very nice snow totals in the next system that moves through - but more is always better and we are now within 2% of "normal" snowpack, which given the last several years is cause to celebrate.  With spectacularly bad timing, however, poor H came down with a whopper of a head cold and we took a pass on skiing for the weekend, consoling ourselves with the fact that it looked like the visibility was pretty poor with the flat light.  (Sour grapes, yes.)

Instead we made the best of the downtime we could.  I shoveled on Saturday and went for a run on Sunday, thus avoiding trips to the gym.  We cleaned the bathrooms, caught up on laundry and ran the vacuum a bit.  We made homemade pizzas and also a peach crisp, diving deep into the freezer for last summer's stone fruit.  Sometimes a little nesting is in order.  But I have suggested to H that perhaps next time he could choose to get sick midweek and leave our weekends alone.

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