Tuesday, April 11, 2017

april visitors: day 1

H's brother D and his oldest daughter K arrived late Saturday night.  They haven't been out here since the summer of 2012 and when K - now a sophomore in college! - said she wanted to come out for spring break, we were thrilled. 

They had had a long day of traveling and with the time change, it was past 1:00 a.m. for them when we got them back to our house.  So we let them sleep in Sunday.  The weather wasn't all that great either: chilly and damp, with an amazing storm up in the mountains (Alta ended up with around 27 inches! in April!! wow!!!) but rain and hail down in the valley.  When the storm finally moved on, K said she'd be interested in seeing a little bit of SLC. 

We drove up to the city and strolled around Liberty Park to stretch our legs.  The park was fairly well-attended for a cool and damp April day, with jewelry vendors, drum circles, slackliners and hackysackers all out and about.  We checked out the view of the Salt Lake valley from above the state capitol, then headed south on the scenic route through the various neighborhoods.  (K recognized East High as the outdoor setting for High School Musical.) 

Before heading home, we stopped in at the nearest Ski N' See so D and K could rent skis; Monday looked to be a great day to go to Alta.  We were in and out pretty quickly, getting them boots, poles, skis and helmets, and even scored a great deal: since Sunday was that location's last day, D and K scored "Preferred" packages for "Premier" rates, plus were given a 15% discount for being the last rental customers of the season.  Woohoo!

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