Saturday, April 29, 2017


Winter has had a tough time letting go this year.  Which is fine by us because that bodes well for the water table, even if it means a delayed start to hiking and MTBing - hell, maybe we'll go snowshoeing!  This past week we had a storm that just couldn't quit and Snowbird got over 4.5 feet of snow.  Four and a half feet.  159" base.  At the end of April.  586" year-to-day.  That's awesome!

Snowbird is the only resort still open in Utah.  That, coupled with the epic amounts of snow, meant that there were crazy-long tram lines this week.  They had some in-bounds slides and were having to dig out some of the lifts.  By Friday afternoon, they got Mineral Basin open and by Saturday, numerous lifts were running in addition to the tram.  The storm moved off into Colorado, the blue skies opened up and we didn't go.  But I bet it was great.  Temperatures have stayed cold so the snow should be relatively light, even given the lateness of the season.  If Alta were open, we would have gone (#altasnobs).

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