Monday, April 24, 2017

in summation

2016/2017 goes down as the second best ski season snowfall-wise since we've been in Utah, second only to the incredible 2010/2011 season where Alta got over 724 inches and ended the season with a 206 inch base.  This season Alta received 539 inches, even with the late start and the early close, and there was still at least ten feet of snow on the ground for closing day.  We had some amazing ski days, including a couple that H believes are his best ever and may rank up there in all-time great days.  He skied 47 days, taking 727 lift rides and accumulating 1,015,057 vertical feet.  I fell a little short - with the two week delay in opening, plus days where I didn't go but H did: with only 38 ski days, 523 lift rides and a paltry 707,932 vertical feet.  I shall have to do better next year.

And now we are in shoulder season.  H is out on his road bike, but bundling up because it's been chilly - seasonable, but chilly.  There is far too much snow in the Wasatch and Uintah mountains for hiking and the MTB trails are too wet to ride.  Rather than bore you with our recent stay-at-home-and-do-chores weekend (sweeping patio and garage, mowing the lawn, weeding, cleaning up the backyard, reorganizing closets and the mudroom, epic piles of laundry), here are some representative and retrospective photos from this past ski season.  Ah, winter.

Mid-December it finally really starts snowing

Christmas Day

Early January in Devil's Castle - soft!

Devil's Castle in shadow

Gorgeous day to go into the Yellow Trail area


Partygoer on the GMD patio

Early February 

Really stacking up late February 

When your jacket matches the March sky

Late season Superior looming large

K in the house

At season's end

P.S.  I realize that there are scarcely any storm photos here, despite how many we got.  I can only say that it's because we were concentrating on skiing the storms, not documenting them.

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