Tuesday, May 30, 2017

such a slow start

I'm not complaining about the snow - I'm really not.  We had a fantastic ski season and all this snow (Snowbird reported still having a 109" base on Memorial Day weekend) means good things for our water supply.  BUT.  But all the snow still in the mountains means a slow start to the hiking season.  I don't like post-holing and I don't like wet feet.  I guess I'll just have to wait.  In addition, the Saturday of the holiday weekend was still pretty chilly.  The weekend before I had optimistically taken the comforter off the bed to segue to summer sleeping.  H pointed out the forecast (40s, 50s and 60s) and I promptly put the comforter back on.  Brrrrr.  Saturday was a beautiful day as the cold front moved out but temperatures still didn't get above 68.  That's fine if you're in the sun.  It's cool otherwise.  So H went for a road ride and got chilled; and I went for a run and didn't overheat in the slightest.


I also dragged out the dehydrator to do some strawberries.  (That machine cranks out a lot of heat so we usually only use it once the weather turns cold.)  Strawberries had been on sale at the grocery store.  It's still a little early for them so they weren't fabulous, but they were certainly good enough to dry.  Every time I use the dehydrator, I can't believe how much the food shrinks down.  Four full trays of fresh, sliced strawberries dehydrated down to a half a ziploc bag's worth.  And for all they weren't the very best berries, the end result was chewy and very sweet, with a concentrated strawberry flavor.  Who needs candy when you've got this stuff?


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