Friday, April 5, 2013

clear skies for easter

Easter Sunday's spring skiing was pretty similar to the day before: hard in the morning, soft in the afternoon and no crowds to speak of.  We purposely got up there about a half hour later than Saturday, so as to let the snow soften, and realized we were pretty much regulars when Martha from Skier Services, who was working Collins at the time, gave us grief for "sleeping in."

Blue skies over Baldy 

There weren't any clouds in the sky until late afternoon and while the temperature wasn't that much  warmer, it felt that way on the chairs with the bright sun beating down on us.  We did a couple of runs at Sugarloaf first, then moved over to Supreme - where Anthony from Skier Services gave me grief when he didn't recognize me without my purple winter-weight parka.  I love being an Alta regular!

Looking towards Brighton from Catherine's

After lunch things really softened up but didn't get grabby like they had the day before.  We had a great run on the Backside: really soft, deep and heavy in the Yellow Trail area, then a little firmer but still soft down lower.  When we returned to Supreme, we went into Catherine's.  It was a little baked over there since it gets so much sun, but we managed to find one north-facing pitch where it was still fluffy, plus the last pitch before the run-out was full of extremely soft, fun bumps.

Gotta love that color blue

We skied a little later than we did on Saturday (since we'd started later), heading back to the truck as some high, thin clouds rolled in.  No Easter beers on the patio this time but it was a great spring skiing weekend all the way around with the warm sun, eventually soft snow and relaxed vibe.

Wearing our Easter bonnets

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