Saturday, April 13, 2013

dick n' dixie's

Last Saturday, after we got back from skiing and cleaned up, H had the brilliant idea that we should go in town to Dick N' Dixie's (479 E 300 S, SLC) to watch the Real Salt Lake game.  H had already been there twice before (once during that weekend last May when I was away and once after he picked up our ski guests from the airport) but I had never been so I was excited to go.  We parked down the block on Broadway and walked back to the bar, passing The Other Place diner on the way.

Dick N' Dixie's is right on the corner in an old brick building with big windows.  Inside is a long bar, high counters with bar stools along the outside walls and down the middle, and more small tables and a pool table in the back.  It's quite popular with RSL fans and the place was packed with 20- and 30-something hipsters.  I'm almost certain we were the oldest people in there.  We found a spot to lean against the wall and got beers (only $5 for a stein of Full Suspension - which is cheap, seeing how a pint of Full Suspension is $5 at the Porcupine).  After a little while, this HUGE bald guy dragged the stool he'd been sitting on over to me so I could sit; I'm choosing to believe it's because I'm a girl and not because I was almost twenty years older than he was.

My turn to buy

It was really a lot of fun.  The patrons were friendly and focused on the soccer game.  Dogs are allowed in the bar - which is awesome - and a young English bulldog named Virgil and a golden retriever were making the rounds.  They don't serve food at Dick N' Dixie's but Submarino's food truck was parked right outside and people were bringing their grilled cheeses and Philly cheesesteaks back into the bar.  RSL may have lost the game but we had a great time - it just felt good to hang out in a funky, friendly city bar for a change.

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