Monday, April 15, 2013

lucky 13

H is just full of good ideas and Friday night, his idea was that we should go in town to Lucky 13 for date night.  Lucky 13 is a bar and grill near the ballpark in SLC (135 W 1300 S).  It is said that they have the best burgers in Salt Lake City and we thought we should confirm that for ourselves.  We got there a little before 8 p.m. and the place was busy, but not packed to the rafters; it would get busier later.  There's seating both outside and in and lots of folks were sitting outside, snuggled up to the propane heaters.  We found seats at the bar, which is our preference, and settled in.

All my favorite things

Lucky 13 has about eight beers on tap - no Full Suspension so we went with Cutthroat - at $3.50 for a pint and $5 for a stein.  (Between here and Dick N' Dixie's, I was loving the beer prices!)  They've got nineteen whiskeys and bourbons, ranging from $4 Jim Beam to $15 High West 21 yr. (they have all the High West bottles - buy local!), and some day when I'm not driving, I'm getting me a whiskey.  There are thirteen burgers on the menu, including two monsters with 14 oz. and 28 oz. of ground chuck respectively, and they house-cure the bacon that adorns many of them.  I ordered the Bacon Stinky (smoked bacon and bleu cheese) while H went with the Celestial (smoked bacon, grilled onions, cheddar and barbecue sauce), each with fries.  It took a long time for our food to come out since a couple of huge orders went in right before ours, but once we got our burgers we realized it was worth the wait.  Those burgers were amazing and definitely among the best - if not the best - we've ever had.  They were huge, cooked perfectly so that the juices were running down our hands, and simply delicious.  The fries were wonderful too. hand-cut, piping hot and sprinkled with sea salt and some herb (rosemary?).  Stunning and only $10 each.

Bad photo, best burgers ever

While we waited for our food, we chatted with the bartenders who were remarkably friendly for how busy they were  - and they were incredibly busy.  One guy H recognized from when he went to Dick N' Dixie's with our ski guests: the guy had been there with the sweetest female pitbull (name: Carmela) and they both had had their fingernails/toenails painted sparkly green for St. Patrick's Day.  When H mentioned his dog, the bartender got very personable and when we left, said maybe he'd see us back at Dick N' Dixie's sometime.

When we rolled out of there, people were still pouring in; they're open until 2 a.m. daily and I imagine they're well-patronized 'til then on a regular basis.  Lucky 13 is a bar (no one under 21 allowed) and kind of dive-y, but the food and the service, at least at the bar, were outstanding.  We will absolutely, positively go back.

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