Wednesday, April 17, 2013

nothing ventured, nothing gained

The weekend forecast had been all over the place during the days leading up to it: lots of new snow, cloudy and windy, partly sunny and cold, mostly sunny and not that cold.  What we ended up with, by the time we got up to Alta Saturday morning, was 37 F at the base with heavy, low clouds spitting snow, terribly flat light and windy.  To make matters worse, it had been sunny and warm enough Friday afternoon that the snow was slushy when they groomed it; the corduroy froze up overnight and what we were skiing on - although we couldn't see it because of the flat light - was bullet-proof, clattery ice.  And although the ambient temperature wasn't that cold, the wind chill was wicked.  We'd been determined to get up there because this was the last weekend the Sugarloaf lift would be open, and the official last weekend Alta would be open full-time (they will be open F-S-S for the next two weekends but closed during the week) but after an hour, we'd had enough and went back home.

It's January in April ... let's go home

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