Wednesday, October 28, 2015

all good things

With slightly heavy hearts, we packed up our things on our last morning in Moab, saying farewell to the quirky Kokopelli (until the next time).  We had hoped for a return engagement at Wake & Bake for breakfast but it was inexplicably closed, so we ended up at the Moab Diner again.

A still moment down by the Colorado River

A drive out the Potash Road to the boat launch on the Colorado River seemed to be in order; the river was calm and quiet and much, much lower than it had been in May.  Temperatures were just about perfect (low 70s) and the skies were perfectly clear - possibly the very best weather we've ever had in all our trips to Moab.

Always happy on these trails

We stopped again at the MOAB Brand Trails on our way out of town to do two more circuits of Rusty Spur and the Bar M loop.  I wasn't riding quite as well as I had been a few days earlier; cumulative fatigue had definitely set into my legs and I had to muscle my MTB up a couple of spots that I had ridden with ease before.

One last dead tree art shot before we go

Our last stop before heading home was Ray's Tavern in Green River for their wonderful burgers and hand-cut fries.  We always like going to Ray's but it's always a little bittersweet because it means vacation is over.  Luckily, the drive north flew by (for me, anyway) as I read aloud the trail descriptions of over forty Moab area day hikes from our newly purchased hiking books.  We've already got some in mind for the next time we head to southern Utah.

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