Saturday, October 3, 2015

six years

H and I are celebrating our move-iversary: six year ago today we arrived in Salt Lake City.  We had hoped to get out and hit the trails - the unseasonably warm weather has departed and it is finally feeling more fall-like - but the Wasatch Front has been covered in clouds with the mountain forecast comprised of words like "periods of rain" and "rain likely."  I will hike in the rain if I'm caught out in it but I have difficulty convincing myself to go out once the rain has started.  Instead, we've been doing laundry, mowing the lawn, weeding, making brownies - rainy day stuff; going to the Porcupine is also on the list because that's how we roll.

Looking back at this last year (and our "year" goes from October through September), it seems a little quieter than some of our other years, with hardly any snow, fewer guests and fewer excursions.  In a nutshell (with links to the month's posts:

October 2014:  MTBing, hiking and a visit from A's folks

November 2014:  Hiking, wine-making, sewing a coat for B, Opening Day at Alta, skiing, a Thanksgiving visit from H's folks, A's Thanksgiving morning Cold Turkey run

December 2014:  Skiing, Christmas, saying goodbye to our B

January 2015:  Skiing          

February 2015: Skiing (including East Castle), very warm temperatures

March 2015:  Skiing                                      April 2015:  End of skiing

May 2015:  Long weekend in Moab, hiking

June 2015:  MTBing, A's Crack of Dawn road race, hiking, visit from our friend R

July 2015:  MTBing, a trip back east, hiking, kalimotxo

August 2015:  MTBing, A's trail-running attempt, hiking, Tour of Utah, Herbie attempt

September 2015:  MTBing, hiking (including getting back to the Uintas), XTERRA

That's not too shabby, I guess, although we really had hoped to have gone camping several times (and ended up not going at all).  We'll just have to try to pick up the pace for this next year!  And if you're interested: Here's a link to the post I did last move-iversary, which in turn links to highlights from our first five years.

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