Thursday, October 8, 2015

whither weather

So far, just a few days into October, the weather has definitely changed to the fall-like.  Which is great because in theory, we could be skiing in just over a month.  (It sure would be nice to have an October like 2004's October - where northern Utah got 100+ inches of snow! - but I don't see that happening.)  H and I are thrilled about the cooler temperatures, however, even though the wet weather has been curtailing our weekend outdoors time.  The photo to the left here, screen-grabbed by our favorite local weather blog, Wasatch Snow Forecast, was taken by the UDOT traffic cameras up at Bald Mountain Pass in the Uintas a couple days ago.

And here is what Hidden Peak/top of Snowbird looks like Sunday morning.  You'll need your rock skis for sure, but it's a start.  And that's why even though we grumble a bit about not going hiking or MTBing, we're not really complaining.  Because the mountains are starting to collect some snow and that's what's important.

Posting will be a little light around here for a little while as H and I take care of some stuff.  Please check back from time to time and keep thinking snow!

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