Saturday, July 21, 2012

guest blogger: utah trip, day four

This was Tuesday and they finally got a nice day.

Timpanogos Cave:  We drove over Suncrest [Ed. - in Draper] to American Fork Canyon.  We stopped at Timpanogos Cave National Monument.  We could've either waited three hours or split and began hiking right away.  We hiked together up the 1.5 mile mountain (that's 1,092 feet).  It took us an hour to hike to the op and we ended up going on the same cave tour.  The cave was very cold, but it was so cool on the inside (our tour guide was also very nice).  It was a half mile through the three caves and then we began walking down.  The way down was much harder on your body than the way up.

Just inside the cave - before it got really dark

Sundance:  This was a cute little ski resort owned by Robert Redford.  We ate lunch at a cute little deli/cafe (I had a chicken salad sandwich and cheddar potato chips).  After we ate we went up another chairlift (with no thunderstorm).  The views were yet again gorgeous and eye-catching.  At the top of the chairlift we got off and attempted to climb up a hill.  Uncle H made it all the way but I was slipping so I came back down.  When we got off the chairlift, we drove home through Provo Canyon.  We even saw Bridal Veil waterfall. It was another fun-filled day.

Top of the chair lift at Sundance

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