Monday, July 23, 2012

guest blogger: utah trip, days seven and eight


Shopping in Moab.  We woke up early on the last day in Moab.  We walked through the streets of the little town, stopping in shops along the way.  We bought many souvenirs including shirts, jewelry and key chains.

Drive through Potash (petrogliphs, arch and dinosaur tracks).  On our way out of Moab we drove on Potash Road alongside the Colorado River.  The petrogliphs (Indian writing) were difficult to spot at first, but once we found them there were a lot.  We also stopped at an arch to take pictures and we saw two dinosaur tracks.  Moab was very fun.


Cascade Springs.  Walking around where a real mountain spring was located with many waterfalls was very cool and relaxing.  The spring and all the scenery looked like it would come from a book.  It was very interesting.

On the boardwalk in the middle 
of Cascade Springs

Hike to Donut Falls.  As we started hiking it began to rain [Ed. - I have turned into my father, making people hike with me in the rain.], but started to clear up a little. We got to hike through a little creek and a path with many rocks.  Since it was raining, we didn't climb the rocks all the way up to the waterfall, but you could still see it and it was beautiful.

Thanks for taking us to all these wonderful places!  [Ed. - Thank YOU for coming out and sharing them with us!!]

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  1. Thanks for the fun memories....I'm still telling about my near death experiences. Crazy driving by my brother in-law on dusty dirt roads on top of mountains with mile long cliffs; sitting on a metal chairlift hanging on to dear life with a crashing lighting storm on top of us and surviving a Hummer ride after 104 degree heat. H feel free to comment on any fact issues..Ha Ha.