Thursday, July 26, 2012

remembering how

It had been since the over-the-handlebars MTB in June since we'd gotten two wheels on the dirt, so the Sunday after our house guests left, we headed on over to Park City with our MTBs.  We went back to Round Valley, so as to ease me back into it, and ended up having a really great little ride.  It was mostly overcast, with the sun peeking through every now and again, so the temperature was quite nice.  We managed to put together a good loop too, tackling some trails we hadn't ridden on before - a nice mix of the jeep roads and single-track.  I am more comfortable with the Round Valley single-track since most of the trails wind through the sagebrush, so you can see riders (or walkers or runners or dogs or horses) approaching you; and most of it is hard-packed dirt which is lovely as I still get nervous and jerky on the rocks.  I did have to hike-a-bike in a couple of spots - once up a ridiculously steep hill that H walked up too and once on a long, much less steep hill where I pulled over to let another couple pass me and then couldn't get going again.

Round Valley self-portrait

After the bike we were hungry and drove back up to PCMR for another round of cooler PBRs, snack-shack cheeseburgers and people-watching on the upstairs patio.  The clouds blew through and we basked a little in the afternoon sun.

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