Friday, July 20, 2012

guest blogger: utah trip, day three

Antelope Island:  This island is located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.  You can drive your car all the way around the island.  We came within fifteen feet of two buffalo, we saw antelope, deer, a jack rabbit and lizards.  We also stopped at a ranch built in the mid-188s and we saw where the horses herd the buffalo.  When we were leaving the island, a huge seagull hit the windshield.  This place was unique because it's very different.

Mexican Restaurant (Lone Star Taqueria):  This was a very cute restaurant.  I had a cheese quesadilla and some of my mom's chicken taco.  It was so packed at first that we weren't going to eat there, but the other place wouldn't let us [Ed. - the kids] in because it was a bar.  The Lone Star had good food.

Guest blogger K, on the Peruvian lift

Snowbird Ski Resort:  Here, we rode up a mini chairlift to the alpine slide.  This attraction was very cool because you could go as fast as you wanted and you aren't attached to the track.  We then went on the big chairlift.  The views were amazing, but a storm was coming in [Ed. - This was Monday, with a 60% chance of rain, which ended up being 100% of a torrential downpour that even awed the Snowbird staff].  It began sprinkling and thundering and lightening.  It was very nerve-racking.  Right when we got off, we had to run through the downpour.  It was a good laugh.

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