Sunday, July 22, 2012

guest blogger: utah trip, days five and six

H and I had encouraged our guests to spend a couple of days in Moab: even though it was likely to be extremely hot, we thought that they should see what southern Utah has to offer as well as northern.


Drive to Moab:  It took us four hours to drive from Salt Lake City to Moab.  It was so amazing watching the scenery changes from green to very dry and red.

Arches National Park:  We drove around this national park and looked at all the different rock formations.  We hiked a little ways in the scorching sun to see the famous Delicate Arch.  Although it was hot, it was beautiful.


Dead Horse Point:  We drove around and looked at a beautiful canyon.  Lots of pictures were taken of the astounding view.

Canyonlands:  This national park is used to look like the Grand Canyon in movies.  Everywhere you would look there would be canyons surrounding you.  It was gorgeous.

Love the expressions on the kids' faces

Sunset Hummer Ride:  This is one of the best things I did all vacation.  Our driver was very funny.  Every time we went over sand he would go really fast and we would be sideways.  The stops had beautiful scenery.  I would totally do it again.

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  1. H's family really enjoyed their visit to Utah. A and H were great hosts. It was a vacation that we will not forget.